AGC Preliminary Program

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Paper Presentations

Day Time Room Session Paper Title First Author Second Author Third Author Fourth Author
Wed2:00Mint 2Emergency Planning and ResponsePerceived Risk and Response to the Ice Throw Hazard: Comparing Community Stakeholders with Operations and Maintenance Personnel in Two Regions of TexasDenise BlanchardGregory Klaus
Wed2:00Mint 2Emergency Planning and ResponseResearch Problems, Findings, and Implications of the Second Golden Age of Natural Disaster Movies.Tim Dolney
Wed2:00Mint 2Emergency Planning and ResponseUnderstanding the Interactions between Shoreline Armoring and Sense of Place to Inform Ecosystem RestorationDavid Trimbach
Wed2:00QuorumUrban: ManagementA Community-Engaged Research Approach: Collaborating with Key Tennessee Drinking Water Stakeholders to Understand Public Water Systems NeedsYolanda J. McDonaldKayla Anderson
Wed2:00QuorumUrban: ManagementChoice of location by China’s joint venture universities and its implications for higher education globalizationPing Mao
Wed2:00QuorumUrban: ManagementHow Local Newspapers Can Influence Receiving Community Perceptions of RefugeesSusan Hume
Wed2:00QuorumUrban: ManagementIn-Office Address Canvassing for the 2020 Census:An Overview of Operations and the Final In-Field UniverseMichael Commons
Wed3:45Mint 1Craft Breweries as a Neighborhood AmenityCraft Breweries and Neighborhood Crime Rates: A Case Study of Portland, ORJulie WartellIsabelle NilssonNeil Reid
Wed3:45Mint 1Craft Breweries as a Neighborhood AmenityCraft Breweries as a Neighborhood AmenityNeil ReidIsabelle NilssonRebekka Apardian
Wed3:45Mint 1Craft Breweries as a Neighborhood AmenityEconomic Impacts of Craft Breweries: On the Relationship between Craft Breweries and Property ValuesIsabelle NilssonNeil ReidRalph McLaughlin
Wed3:45Mint 1Craft Breweries as a Neighborhood AmenityGoing Out for a Pint: Exploring the Relationship Between Craft Brewery Locations and Neighborhood WalkabilityRebekka ApardianNeil Reid
Wed3:45Mint 2Economic and Energy IssuesCharacterizing and Modeling Environmental Emergency of Unconventional Oil and Gas SpillsQingmin Meng
Wed3:45Mint 2Economic and Energy IssuesEvaluating Sustainable Development in the Sultanate of Oman: Case study of Ad DuqmNoura Khalifa Al NasiriAsma Sabah Al MamriNoof Said AlGhafriFatma Said Al-Belooshi
Wed3:45Mint 2Economic and Energy IssuesThe spatial threshold effect and its regional boundaries of financial agglomeration on green development: A case study in ChinaHuaxi Yuan
Thu8:30Mint 1Business Geography IFrom Re-Leasing to Redevelopment: Sears and Target in CanadaTony HernandezJennifer Nhieu
Thu8:30Mint 1Business Geography ILidl: An Analysis of Store Expansion and Closure Patterns in the CarolinasBrett Lucas
Thu8:30Mint 1Business Geography ITeaching the spatial analysis of convenience store location, demographics, and behavior.Joseph Kerski
Thu8:30Mint 1Business Geography IThe Geography of Dark StoresGrant Ian Thrall PhDSteven Laposa, PhD Peter Korpacz, MAI
Thu8:30Mint 2HealthEstimating spatial distributions patterns of cancer mortality and natural radioactivityPeter SiskaMarek Kudlac
Thu8:30Mint 2HealthQuantifying spatial and temporal patterns of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) concentrations in California (1998 – 2016)Kevin A. Butler
Thu8:30Mint 2HealthSpatial Variations in the Associations of Mental Distress with Sleep Insufficiency in the United StatesHoehun Ha
Thu8:30Mint 2HealthSpatio-temporal modeling of neighborhood level risks for dengue, chikungunya, and Zika in Cali, ColombiaMichael R. DesjardinsRajib PaulEric DelmelleIrene Casas
Thu8:30QuorumPhysical Geography IAnalysing small-scale farmers’ determinant choice and adaptation strategies in response to climatic shocks in Vhembe District.Zongho KomNthaduleni NethengweSylvester MpandeliHector Chikoore
Thu8:30QuorumPhysical Geography IImpacts of Land Use and Land Cover Changes on Hydrological Regimes of the Richland Creek Watershed in Southern Illinois using a GIS-based Hydrologic ModellingShunfu HuPrasanna Shrestha
Thu8:30QuorumPhysical Geography IMapping invasive species in urban forests using high- resolution aerial image time series and detecting the spatial-temporal change using deep-learningDipanwita DuttaDr. Gang Chen
Thu10:15Mint 1Business Geography IIApplication of spatial optimization techniques to the siting of fast food outletsYi Zhang
Thu10:15Mint 1Business Geography IIAssessing the spatial relationship between public schools and fast food restaurants in Kuwait by using geographic information systemMOHAMMAD ALNASRALLAH
Thu10:15Mint 1Business Geography IIIntergovernmental relations and economic development: the pursuit of an outlet shopping complexJohn Lombard
Thu10:15Mint 1Business Geography IIInvisible no more: An exploratory geospatial typology of illicit massage businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan AreaSean CrottyMark Daku
Thu10:15Mint 2Student Competition Session IA high-resolution population grid in the CONUS based on Microsoft building footprints and its potentials in hazard studiesXiao Huang
Thu10:15Mint 2Student Competition Session IAn Online GIS-based Data Collection, Management and Analysis System for Private WellsYu Lan
Thu10:15Mint 2Student Competition Session IA Scenario-Based Simulation of Urban Growth by Coupling Random Forest and Cellular AutomataFiroozeh KarimiAli Shirzadibabakan
Thu10:15Mint 2Student Competition Session IQuantifying the Relocation of Greyhound Bus Terminals Over TimeJesse
Thu10:15QuorumPhysical Geography IIA picture is worth a thousand words: The use of strategic figures in the physical geography classroomClayton J. WhitesidesCarmen Brysch
Thu10:15QuorumPhysical Geography IIArt, Allegory and Geographic Education: Cultural and Meteorological Lessons from the Sky Deities of JapanDennis J. Edgell
Thu10:15QuorumPhysical Geography IIFive Years After the 2014 Toledo Water Crisis: What Have We Learned, What Have We Done, What Remains Needed to be Addressed?Patrick Lawrence
Thu10:15QuorumPhysical Geography IIThe tide and its role in influencing coast line changes, Ras Al-Sawadi and Al-Seefa, Oman, a study in applied GeomorphologyYoussef Sherief
Thu1:00Mint 2Student Competition Session IIA New Classification Scheme for New Immigrant DestinationsJaeho Ko
Thu1:00Mint 2Student Competition Session IINatural amenities and local government public goods: Substitutes or complements?Kristine Laura Canales
Thu1:00Mint 2Student Competition Session IIThe Role of Geography Space and Place in Social Media Communications: Two Case Studies of Policy PerspectivesAdiyana Sharag-Eldin
Thu1:00Mint 2Student Competition Session IIUnderstanding space and socio-economic differences as a means to a sustainable futureTitiksha Fernandes
Thu1:00SpiritFoodAccess and prices for organic produce in St. LouisGillian Acheson
Thu1:00SpiritFoodConstructing sustainable environmental, social and economic landscapes through agroecological practice in Rosario, ArgentinaSamantha LeeMaria Ysabelle CruzatDr. Colleen Hammelman
Thu1:00SpiritFoodUnpacking the “Local” in a Local Food Store: An Exploration of the Macomb Food Cooperative in Rural IllinoisRaymond GreeneSunita GeorgeTatsaneewan Phoesri
Thu1:00UniversityGIS Applications IA Geostatistical Framework to Map the Variation of Arsenic found in Private Wells in Gaston County, NCEric DelmelleClaudio OwusuRajib PaulSamantha Dye
Thu1:00UniversityGIS Applications IAssessing the Level of Spatiotemporal Clustering among Geographic Events Without No Attribute InformationJay Lee
Thu1:00UniversityGIS Applications IConstructing an area-based socioeconomic status index for Canada: Toward measuring social inequalities to environmental risk exposureLITON CHAKRABORTYDANIEL SCOTTJASON THISTLETHWAITEHORATIU RUS
Thu1:00UniversityGIS Applications IDumming Down?: Dummy Variables and Spatial Lags in Applied Economic Geography StudiesHarrison CampbellRyan James
Thu1:00UniversityGIS Applications IHow to map in confidence? Mapping (un)reliable data.David Wong
Thu2:45Mint 1Hybrid Paper/PanelEvaluation of commercial demographic data accuracy: Revisiting the question of input bias in the location analysis processRobert GooljarBill Graves
Thu2:45Mint 1Hybrid Paper/PanelSupermarket Site Selection in South DallasEdward T. Rincon, Ph.D.
Thu2:45Mint 2Student Competition Session IIICan Social Media Predict Parental Vaccine Choices and Legislations on Mandatory Vaccination?Weichuan Dong
Thu2:45Mint 2Student Competition Session IIIIdentifying Communities at Risk of Opioid-Related Mortalities Utilizing Spatial Rules Based Association Data Mining and Geodemographic SegmentationRyan Hanson
Thu2:45Mint 2Student Competition Session IIISpatial and Temporal Analysis of Fentanyl and Cocaine Overdose Deaths in PennsylvaniaMarisela Stephanie De La Cruz
Thu2:45Mint 2Student Competition Session IIIThe Geographically Varying Association Between Obesity and Crime: A Case Study of Akron, OhioHuiyu Lin
Thu2:45SpiritTransportation IConnecting People with Jobs: Light Rails Effect on Intra-urban Distribution of Economic ActivityMaryam KhabaziIsabelle Nilsson
Thu2:45SpiritTransportation IThe Evolution of Cuba’s air transport network in the Embargo era; An analysis of Cuba’s lack of air connectivity with the U.S. between 1967 and 2017.Hilton Cordoba
Thu2:45SpiritTransportation IThe Regional Impact of High Speed Rail in China: A Spatial CGE AssessmentKingsley E. HaynesZhenhua Chen
Thu2:45SpiritTransportation IWho’s Moving In? A Longitudinal Analysis of Home Purchase Loan Borrowers in New Transit NeighborhoodsElizabeth DelmelleIsabelle NilssonClaire SchuchTonderai Mushipe
Thu2:45UniversityGIS Applications IIA GIS-Based Approach to Measuring Diel Habitat Use PatternsRebecca LoraammKate GoodenoughClaire Burch
Thu2:45UniversityGIS Applications IIA spatial-social urban development status curve from NPP-VIIRS nighttime light dataChengshu YangBailang Yu
Thu2:45UniversityGIS Applications IIInfluence of space-time differentiation of frontal area index on surface temperatureZhangxian FengShijun WangShanhe JinJunyang
Thu2:45UniversityGIS Applications IIPatterns and Processes of Political Factionalism in the USJonathan Comer
Thu4:30Mint 2Student Competition Session IVEffects of hydroelectric dams on tropical forest dynamics in the Brazilian AmazonSamuel Nickerson
Thu4:30Mint 2Student Competition Session IVProtecting Water Quality in the Texas Hill Country: Opportunities for Beneficial Reuse of Wastewater EffluentTy Stonecipher
Thu4:30SpiritTransportation IIExamining the Dynamic Influence of Road Traffic Volumes on Red Deer Movements in GISJames AndersonRebecca Loraamm
Thu4:30SpiritTransportation IILight rail investments and neighborhood change: Perspectives of residents, stakeholders and local media in Charlotte, North CarolinaJohanna Claire SchuchTonderai Mushipe
Thu4:30SpiritTransportation IIRail Transit Investments and Economic Development: Challenges for Small BusinessesSara Tornabene
Thu4:30UniversityGIS Applications IIIAccessibility, Usage and Physical Activity: exploring the correlation using geotagged tweetsChayanika SinghYongmei Lu
Thu4:30UniversityGIS Applications IIIApplying Web GIS to Space Use AssessmentShirley LiNicole KongKaren HumNanette Andersson
Thu4:30UniversityGIS Applications IIIExamination of urban growth in Bangladesh using Google Earth EnginePankaj BajracharyaDr. Salima SultanaDr. Neelopal Adri
Thu4:30UniversityGIS Applications IIIMulti-scale polygon data acquisition utilizing UAV and the respective applications in modern Geographic Information Services.Patrick ZHAO
Fri8:30QuorumUrban: Case StudiesAn Examination of the Influence of Gentrification on Postindustrial Policing in New York CityJay L. Newberry
Fri8:30QuorumUrban: Case StudiesApplication of Geospatial Technologies in Land Cover Dynamics Assessment: A Case Study of Industrialized West Bank, East London Area, South AfricaAhmed Mukalazi Kalumba
Fri8:30QuorumUrban: Case StudiesLandscape-Based Assessment of Urban Resilience and Its Evolution: A Case Study of the Central City of ShenyangWei SongZhimin Liu
Fri8:30QuorumUrban: Case StudiesMethods of Capturing and Analyzing Blight: Case Study Youngstown, Ohio.Jennifer Burrell
Fri8:30QuorumUrban: Case StudiesThe Urban System in the Sultanate of OmanMontasser Ibrahim Mahmoud Abdelghani
Fri8:30UniversityStandardizing and Integrating Geospatial Data to Support National, Regional, and Global Analysis and Decision-MakingDevelopment of Island-Wide Address Data for Puerto RicoLaura HogbergDavid CackowskiGregory Hanks
Fri8:30UniversityStandardizing and Integrating Geospatial Data to Support National, Regional, and Global Analysis and Decision-MakingIntegrating Data for Regional Decision-Making: A Statistical and Geospatial Framework for the AmericasJennifer Zanoni
Fri8:30UniversityStandardizing and Integrating Geospatial Data to Support National, Regional, and Global Analysis and Decision-MakingOrganizing and Implementing a Hemisphere-Wide Collaborative Effort to Integrate Geospatial and Statistical DataPaul RileyJennifer ZanoniDeirdre Dalpiaz Bishop
Fri8:30UniversityStandardizing and Integrating Geospatial Data to Support National, Regional, and Global Analysis and Decision-MakingTowards a Global Statistical Geospatial FrameworkVincent OsierJoshua Coutts
Fri10:15QuorumUrban: EnvironmentEvaluating Urban Geography Story-Telling as a Way to Change Perceptions of Space and PlaceBarbara Lash
Fri10:15QuorumUrban: EnvironmentFrom Brown to Green: Understanding the Evolution of Pittsburgh's Riverfront BrownfieldsSusan Lucas
Fri10:15QuorumUrban: EnvironmentSpatial Distribution of Parks as Urban Green Space in Khulna City: An Analysis in Context of Equity PlanningTusar Kanti RoyMd. Mustafa SaroarShamim Mahabubul Haque

Poster Presentations

Day Time Room Session Paper Title First Author Second Author Third Author Fourth Author
Thu8:30SpiritStudent Competition PosterA Spatial Analysis of the Geography of Hypertension in the United States: Beyond Conventional FactorsZhuo ChenJay Lee
Thu8:30SpiritStudent Competition PosterCrisis for the University Student: Changing Rents and Growing CampusesR. Connor WoodClaire Schuch
Thu8:30SpiritStudent Competition PosterDoes geography matter? The case of three informal settlementsSANDRA OWUSUAAH BEMPAH
Thu8:30SpiritStudent Competition PosterSpatial- Temporal analysis of crime in San Francisco, CAStephen OseroDr. Sim Sunhui
Thu8:30SpiritStudent Competition PosterStudying the Relationship between Transit Systems and Economic Segregation in Three Major MSAsVani SinghTodd DoaneLuis Martinez
Thu8:30SpiritStudent PosterDigging into spatiotemporal social media data: A dynamic version of segregation indexQingsong LiuJay LiXinyue Ye
Thu8:30SpiritStudent PosterThe role of biogas technology in emissions reduction from fuelwood consumption in South African households: A Case of Limpopo ProvinceSolomon Eghosa UhunamureNthaduleni Samuel NethengweDavid Tinarwo
Thu8:30SpiritStudent PosterUAS and 3D Modeling for Small Scale Farming and Community Garden Precision AgricultureShannon HealyMarguerite MaddenTommy JordanSarah Ross
Thu10:15SpiritPosterAnalysis of distribution characteristics of wind shear in severe convective weather processesZHOU ShenghuiZHANG TianningZHANG YanwenSun Qiaoyang
Thu10:15SpiritPosterSoil erosion vulnerability and risk mapping using an integrated multi-parametric approach: a case study of Hoffenthal in the Thukela catchment of South Africa.Osadolor EbhuomaMichael Gebreslasie
Thu10:15SpiritPosterThe changing garden: using UAV data to analyze a growing seasonL. Jesse Rouse
Thu10:15SpiritPosterTransportation Policy for Elderly Users through the Smart-Card Spatial Autocorrelation AnalysisJunhyung LeeJin Wook KimNam Gon Kim
Thu10:15SpiritPosterUsing Virtual Reality (VR) to deliver an Iceland field geography experience to the on-line classroom.Dianna GielstraDawna CerneyEllen J. FosterNiccole Cerveny
Thu10:15SpiritPosterVirtual Hampton: an immersive virtual landscape platform as a virtual heritage toolSusan Bergeron


Day Time Room Session Title Participant 1 Participant 2 Participant 3 Participant 4
Wed2:00Mint 1WorkshopWorkshop: Telling Your Story with Esri Story MapsJoseph Kerski
Thu8:30UniversityPanelPanel: Sustainable Development Goals PanelLinda Peters
Thu10:15UniversityWorkshopWorkshop: Sustainable Development Goals Story Map CompetitionLinda Peters
Thu1:00Mint 1WorkshopWorkshop: Commercial Real Estate Concepts for Market Research/Site Section ProfessionalsTom Dwyer
Thu1:00QuorumDiscussionDiscussion: Gender Concerns in the Geography WorkspaceDawna CerneyMichael AllenJennifer Burrell
Thu2:45Mint 1PanelPanel: Finding the Right Retail Location With a Complex Scoring Model and a Simple Sales Forecasting ModelTom DwyerBen AbramsEdward T. Rincon, Ph.D.Robert Gooljar
Thu2:45QuorumPanelPanel: Supporting Women in Geography: Encouraging and Advancing Careers in Academia and ResearchCaroline BrinegarDeborah ThomasJamie L. StricklandClaire Schuch
Thu4:30Mint 1PanelPanel: How Geographers Can Have Influence within their OrganizationsGary Gruccio
Thu4:30QuorumWorkshopWorkshop: Cultivating Sponsorship for Your Business, Research, GIS, and ProgramSarah Scher
Fri8:30DiscoveryWorkshopWorkshop: Focus on Field AnalysisLynn Sitler
Fri8:30SpiritWorkshopWorkshop: Ground-truthing multi-scalar approaches to mapping gentrificationDaniel YontoClaire Schuch, PhD
Fri10:15SpiritWorkshopWorkshop: It AppEEARS we have a solution to many of your data issues! Danielle Golon
Fri10:15UniversityPanelPanel: Dennis Lord Contributions to Applied GeographyBill GravesHarrison Campbell